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New Balance M574 Olive Sneakers


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Jerry from Wisconsin

I bought my first two pair at a shoe store along with taco inserts because of fallen arches. A friend told me about buying shoes on internet and now I buy all my shoes at online stores.

Terri from Houston, Texas

I bought this shoe because a friend of mine recommended it to me. I am a woman and my friend told me to buy a men's shoe due to the comfort level. I bought the 8M and I found them to be a little wide for me however I will not return them they feel pretty comfortable. I but a insole in the shoe and it was perfect. I love the shoe they look great and I wore them the whole day without pain in my heels. I am trying to decide if I should get a narrower size but for now they work.

Rich from Seaview Washington

I always buy my shoes from you guys. I can't shop wal mart or payless because they don't have 17"s in stock. Most of them won't order, and if they do, its a lot more. I have never had a bad shoe from you. Thanks so much.

Andy from Beltsville, MD

Once it's broken in, which, for me, occurred after three or four wearings, it is a very comfortable shoe for those long walks to the office and around the office. It looks good with office slacks or with jeans. The sole absorbs shock and, in combo with the upper, provides great stability. The only downside is that it wears (rubs) a bit around the lower part of the ankle. This can probably be adjusted through proper lacing. Overall, it is a great walking shoe for the office or around town.


Some More Colors For New Balance M574

M574 Olive Port Royale Purple Suede Mesh

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