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New Balance M574 Grey Formula 1 Sneakers


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Edward E from Portlasand, OR, 97232

I like the shoes very much. With a little heel pad they fit well. BUT: the shoe laces (brown) are so long I will need to replace them for fear of tripping on them (I already have) and also they keep opening up, especially left shoe.

Gordon from Buffalo, NY

This is without a doubt the finest leather walking shoe available. It is snug without pinching. There is plenty of toe room and excellent arch support. I am in my 70's and these shoes allow me a comfortable walk of one to two miles every day.

Yottypete from Melbourne Australia

I have bought 2 pairs of shoes, they are wonderful & so nice to wear, the fit is perfect. I walk 4ks every day in these shoes, no blisters or rubbing. Highly recommended.

Debra from Texas

I purchased these for our building super. He suffers from feet pain due to a terrible accident and cannot afford this type of shoe. He was most appreciative and I was glad he got a great pair of shoes.

Eric from Connersville, IN

I have wide tall feet and am difficult to fit. I have always suspected many shoes are really the same width just marked with different widths to sell them. This shoe seems to really be the dimensions it is sold to be. It fits great!


Some More Colors For New Balance M574

M574 Olive Port Royale Purple Suede Mesh

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