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New Balance M574 Black Silver Suede Mesh


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Lawrence from Utah

I have worn the world tour style for several years, usually a new pair once a year. I always have a problem with the sole pulling away from the upper at both heel and toe. I will admit that I wear them almost everyday because they are the most comfortable shoe I've ever worn on a regular basis.

Anonymous from Globe trotter

This is my second pair of these comfortable walking shoes. They are well made, very comfortable and durable, however, the sole has very little "tread" so it is not suitable for slippery conditions.

Mom from Boston, MA

I bought these as a present for my son (the baby) in a size 13. They fit him perfectly and will make is image at work more professional.

Don from St.Helens, Or.

Comfort out of the box. No break in period. I also own other Rockport styles. Having large feet (15) I have found the Rockports to have very good arch support and my doctors approval. I walk two to three miles a day and find they are very durable.

Bill P. from Woodstock, VA

This is probably my fifth pair of these shoes. They wear well and are very comfortable. Feel like brown leather tennis shoes. They were approved by my foot doctor because they have a sturdy sole. A pair of these usually last me about a year and that's wearing them to work just about every day and on weekends. I would highly recommend them. The only thing I did not like this time was that they were more dark brown than reddish brown like the previous pairs I have purchased.


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M574 Olive Port Royale Purple Suede Mesh

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